Guitars No. 1 & 2

Mahogany & Sitka and Rosewood & German

1g1front 2g2front 3g2bridge
4g2end 5g2back 6g2head

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I built my first two guitars after building several Mountain Dulcimers and a fretless banjo. These were "gateway" instruments. Guitars were the next logical step.

The first was a simple Mahogany and Sitka dreadnaught. The second was a Rosewood and German Spruce herringbone dreadnaught. All I have of them now are old low resolution prints.

A friend was quite taken with the first one and asked to buy it with installments. He made a few payments before disappearing and leaving no forwarding address.

Another friend had his guitar badly broken when his cat jumped on it and knocked it off a shelf. I let him borrow the second one. He later died and the guitar became property of his estate, never to be seen by me again.

Learn these lessons well Grasshopper!

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