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The back and sides are of Koa, not an expensive wood in the early 1980s. I purchased it even more cheaply due to the "undesirable grain". The back was joined opposite to the way the supplier had marked it, so I could include the portions that were apparently least desirable. One person's ugly grain is another's "interesting figure".

The neck is 8 separate pieces of leftover Mahogany molding and trim, found in the attic of a circa 1900 house. I planed the pieces flat and laminated them with Maple veneer in-between. It seemed like a great idea at the time. The back braces and the linings came from that same source.

Also in the neck, is the salvaged truss rod from a cheap electric guitar, I dismantled for parts. Years after building this guitar and playing it incessantly, the rod broke. Subsequent modifications to the fretboard made replacing it unnecessary.